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Juliet - Turn // Manga image

*~ Second Iris Petal ~*

Um... My hand seems to taste like some kind of fruit. And I don't think I spilled anything on it.

Is this...normal?

Ah--! My other hand has the same flavor! ...But it's not bad... I wonder if this particular fruit exists in Neo Verona... Maybe Cordelia could make jam with it.

[ ooc: Curse affected (for the first time) and tastes like Red Raspberry Sorbet! XD But having never tasted such a flavor, can't identify it. And she's still under her male disguise as "Odin", since she's not sure it's safe to reveal the truth yet. XD; ]


It's normal for the day, I'm afraid. We're all cursed to taste like desserts today, it seems.

You must be the new resident in the Opera House. Pleasure to meet you.
...That is very strange. I've heard about the curses, but I didn't think they would be anything as odd as this.

Oh--I don't know if I have permission to stay yet. I've just been looking around. It reminds me of Willy's theater. My name is Odin. It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Sir...?

He must be a noble if he's dressed like that.

[ ooc: Strikes are gone~ ]
Earl Cain Hargreaves--but since we're to share a roof, please just call me Cain.

The first one that strikes you is very confusing--don't worry: you're not mad. Of the one's I've seen, this one is a rather harmless, almost enjoyable sort of one, I think.

I hope you are allowed to stay, Odin. You seem comfortable here.
Alright, as you like it, Cain.

That's certainly true. From what I've gathered from shared information, these "curses" can be much worse. ...Perhaps I'm just not used to seeing people shamelessly licking one another publicly. I've never heard of such conduct. It's a little embarrassing.

Oh, do I? Ahaha... Well, I suppose I'm fond of theaters. A friend of mine back home owned one.
It's not what I'm accustomed to either, and I'm not about to start licking my friends, but I may lick my own fingers to the bone before the day is out. I seem to be blackberry today.

Oh really? That must be it then. People who know art and music and the like tend to end up at the Opera House. Which makes me wonder how I got here.
It's just a curse, I think.
These "deities" have a...unique sense of humor.
It's a 'curse day', but it looks like Cain already told you that. It's rather shameful, everyone going around licking each other. It seems like some residents of the City use these days as excuses for all sorts of indecent behavior...
I've been averting my gaze from them. They certainly don't have any problems with public displays of strange behavior.

Indecent? Ah--Don't they--Keep that in private or something? I've only seen the licking thus far.

[ ooc: XD...I'm now wishing I took her after Act 4, instead. Compromising situations. Yuuuus. XD ]
I'm afraid there's some members of this City that come from worlds where such displays are appearantly more acceptable. Or, at the very least, they don't particularly care.

...Well...to be fair, some of them tried to. But we used to have a puppet named Uzura that enjoyed taking pictures of people engaged in...erm....matters that should be kept private. But she was just a child, she didn't really understand. I hope she's alright, whereever she went.

((OOC: Well, you'll have to update her eventually...? XD;;))
Ah, that's very true. I hadn't even considered the possibility.

...Take pictures? ...Well, children should be allowed to have their fun, but if it invades the privacy of others, her parents should keep a closer eye on her activities.

[ ooc: That's true. XD ]
We're all from very different worlds...although yours seems to be more similar to mine than others have been. I suppose I can't really fault them for behaving how it's normal for them to behave, but...

Ah, with a camera. Do you have those in your world? Heh...Fakir tried. (I suppose you would call him her 'parent'.) She was just rather good at finding access to the computer at times.
Indeed. Your style of clothing is very similar to where I come from.

Camera? ...Doesn't sound familiar, so I rather doubt it.

Well, kids can be sneaky and mischievous when they want to be. Antonio and I were always running off when Conrad had his back turned.

[ ooc: Strikes gone. ]
It is? Hmm...do you have electric lighting yet?

It's...a device that can capture an image. Like an...instant portrait.

Hmph. They certainly can...
...I don't believe so. We use candles.

...Ah, well, that seems handy.
I see...so your world isn't exactly like mine, then.

It can be! Although it can cause trouble, too.
Good evening, you must be Odin. Autor told us you are from Neo Verona?
Oh--That's right! Odin, from Neo Verona. A good evening to you as well, Miss...?

That's right?

I'm Princess Rue. Don't mind the blubby blonde idiot who is bothering you. She's always that charming.
...A-A Princess?

Oh...Well, she seems alright, Your Highness. Just a little...loud.
She's not alright. Don't trust her.
...I never said I trusted her. But I'm not going to treat her badly, either.
I'm not saying you have to treat her badly, but...don't expect her to be kind. She has ulterior motives.
Ulterior motives?
She finds angst and turmoil entertaining. Basically she's a gossip, or possibly a sadist.
Rue will do. That girl doesn't have any respect for privacy. If she discovers your secrets, she will tell the entire City in big font and sparkles. She will also mock your pain and pretend to comfort you.
I-I see...

I appreciate the warning.