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Juliet - Turn // Manga image

*~ Third Iris Petal ~*

Tybalt was leading me out through that underground passage to escape and then--

...It appears that I have wound up back in this strange city again.

Conrad, Curio, Francisco, Antonio, all of those loyal to my father's House... it's my fault. If we hadn't rushed. If I'd been patient, then no one would have gotten hurt or... Perhaps they are truly better off with my disappearance.

What is this talk of war...? Do you not understand that it brings hurt and pain to all of those wrapped into its hold? Please, banish such thoughts from your minds!

...Romeo...I miss you.

[ ooc: All strikes are completely gone. She's back from a few days out of the City in order to be updated - she is now being played just after Act 9 of the anime. :D And yes, still masquerading as a boy for now. ]


... Hopefully, it'll stay between those of that world... And it's almost like some people want to suffer.
...Wanting others to suffer? How could...that's terrible. ...I would rather there was no such talk of it at all. Even in their own worlds, I'm certain they could find a suitable solution that did not have to resort to violence and massacre to be achieved.

I stabbed that man right in the shoulder...and the blood running down my sword...it was terrifying. There has to be a way that does not resort to killing others. There has to be another meaning to true strength.

[ ooc: Strikes oh-so gone. She's heavily angsting at the moment. XD; ]
I know... But they still think like that, and I en't sure how anyone can change their minds.
...Where there's a will, there's a way. As long as those who wish to make the change don't give up. Maybe the Red Whirlwind can...

[ ooc: Strikes gone again. ]
That's right! Thing's en't hopeless at all!
Odin! There you are! Did you make it back to your world?

...Don't worry about the war. I'm starting to think it's just talk.
So we meet again, Sir Autor. ...I did make it back, yes.

...I sincerely hope that's the truth.
I see...and....you're back again? So...um...
You didn't figure out a way to come back and forth, did you?

As do I.
No, I'm afraid I haven't found a way to go back and forth... I stumbled out on accident one day and I don't even remember how it happened. I didn't arrive in the same place I left, either.
[sigh] That...seems to be how it works.

...Oh well. My reason for going back is really gone, anyway. Besides my house.
There are many people from your world here, then? ...As long as you are with those you love and care for, anywhere can be home.

Oh, and I was meaning to ask... Would you and your friends mind if I were to come back to the Opera House?
Quite a few, actually. There's Fakir, Rue, Mytho, Pique and Lilie, Ahiru...there's a large group of us here. ...There's...one person I stil mis, but...I won't really be able to go back home and find her.

Oh! No, no, I wouldn't mind at all! Pretty much everyone besides Fakir was for you coming, so I'm sure they won't mind, either.
I see. It must be nice to see familiar and friendly faces. ...A family member?

Ah, alright. If you're certain it wouldn't cause a problem, I would like to return.
Well...I didn't know all of them very well when I was at home. But...It was nice to see Rue and Ahiru again. Even Fakir, a little. ...Yes.

I'm certain. Please come.
Well, then perhaps this was a chance given to get to know them better? ...I see. So they're missing back where you come from?

...Alright, I shall arrive shortly. Thank you.
Mm. I think so. Lilie I wouldn't really care to get to know better, but...some of the others I'd like to. ...She's de--...I'm not sure. She's been...missing for a long time.

Okay. I'll prepare a room for you. ...It's good to have you join us.
Well, there's plenty of time for that. ...Well, best to keep hope, then. Maybe...she's in hiding for some reason.

Oh--That's really not necessary, but...thank you very much, Sir Autor.
...In hiding? Perhaps she is.

Don't worry, it's not too much trouble! You're welcome, Odin.
War's the weakest kind of fighting. S'a shame people can't seem to get over it.
The weakest... Then what, Sir, would you consider the strongest?
Fighting for someone. Even if you're the only one defending their name, if you believe in them, that's all that matters.

...Your words are wise, Sir.

[ ooc: If I had a smile icon for her "Odin" guise, it probably would have gone there. XD ]
Nah, nothing like that. I just used to have a cause.

I don't ever want to be someone who lets his soul be overtaken by a need to fight, is all. I want to be better than that for her.

[ooc; Yuri will feel special~ :3]
Used to? So you have one no longer? ...I can understand that well.

So fighting does not create real strength? Maybe...Tybalt was wrong? Maybe that's not the part of me that's weak...?

[ ooc: And he probably has no idea just how much she's relating to him now. XD ]
...She died. Second attempt didn't exactly end happy, either.

Hah. All fighting does is prove you're physically stronger than some other person. Doesn't prove jack about anything else. Doesn't prove a damned thing about your soul, either.

[ooc; he's a pretty oblivious thing at times, but no. He's not used to people being like him in any way at all. --;]


...I'm very sorry for your loss.

That's what I always thought. But a what would I call him, anyway? er, an acquaintance of mine seems to believe that when someone has done wrong, you should show no mercy to them. And that the inability to do so is a sign of weakness - a lack of resolve that a leader someone should have.

[ ooc: Aw, he needs love! D: ]


She did it for me. Guess that counts for something.
Killing people doesn't always solve shit. Sometimes you just gotta let things go, kid. It's a case by case thing, though.

[ooc; he says he's just fine! Needs no happiness or love or hugs! Godslayers are tough manly men! >>;]
Even if she did, I can imagine that still must be quite painful to bear.

...That's true. But what if the other option were to leave someone in high standing who abused their power and oppressed the people under the guise of doing what "needed"? I can hardly believe martial law or threatening to burn innocents alive are things needed to keep order in a city.

Oh-And I beg your pardon for not introducing myself earlier. My name is Odin. Might I ask who you are, Sir?

[ ooc: D: Everyone needs friends and lurve! ]
I lived on for her, for her memory. Makes it worth it, if she valued this soul of mine so much.

Man, been there, done that. Nearly killed the guy. But in the end, it was better to just teach him his lesson and let him go from there than actually kill him. Not everyone's beyond saving.

Odin, huh? The name's Yuri.
...I'm sure that makes her very happy.

...I hadn't thought of it that way. Those who raised me have a great desire for revenge against the Grand Duke of our world. And he's done many unforgivable things...but I can't believe it's right to kill him. That doesn't feel like justice to me. Even if he and his men did kill my whole family. He should atone for his wrongdoings another way.

A pleasure, Sir Yuri.
I can hope.

Then make him pay as you see fit, if you've got the strength.

...No Sir. I'm no old man!
Indeed, there is always hope.

If I have the strength...

Ah, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that. It's a bit of a habit. Just Yuri, then.
...There's more than just being able to beat people up. 'Course, that's all some of us can do, but that's what friends are for.

Nothing wrong with habit. I just prefer a lack of formaility in my proceedings.
I know...I suppose I'm just not really sure where to find my true strength. And I need that strength, were I to return home again.

Alright, I understand. I don't mind the informal approach. It's actually more comfortable for me.
Takes time to unlock that sorta thing. Don't worry too much about it, kid.

You should always do what makes you comfortable.