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Juliet - O // Neutral

[ Potential App for Amatomnes ]

» Journal: serika_san
» Birthdate/Age: 25 (April 8th, 1985)
» Characters Played: Fakir ( fate_be_damned )

» Name: Juliet Fiamatta Erss DiCapulet
» Fandom: Romeo x Juliet
» Reference: Wiki entry:
» Canon Point: Post-series
» Gender: Female
» Age: 16 physically and mentally
» Orientation: (Assumed) Heterosexual - Juliet (or "Odin" at the time the series starts) shows little interest in anything to do with romance and courting at first. However, after she first meets Romeo, that swiftly changes. She suddenly begins asking the playwrite "Willy" about love and what it's like to be in love. And as the story goes, she falls in love with Romeo (though at second sight, instead of first). That leads to her unearthing the blushing maiden and the more 'girly' side she had been forced to keep covered almost all of her life and enjoying the forbidden courtship between her and Romeo. She does not show that sort of interest in any other characters whatsoever.

» Personality: The first and likely most noticable thing about Juliet's personality is that she has a very strong sense of justice and in helping those in need, no matter the risks to herself. While she's forced to maintain the persona of a young man, she creates an alter-ego of sorts that is dubbed the "Red Whirlwind", a masked man with a long red cape and a hat with a white feather who assists the citizens of Neo Verona and rescues them from unfair and oppressive behavior of the Carabinieri (as so dictated by Prince Montague, himself). She becomes a 'champion of the people' so to speak, and stands up for their rights and their freedoms.

Juliet is a very strong-willed and a 'take action' sort of woman instead of a damsel in distress type. Though when it comes to actual killing, she can't bring herself to do it, and that's something she considers a 'weakness' in herself that she wishes she could do away with. Even after stabbing one of the royal guard in the shoulder when they ambushed her and the other Caupulet supporter survivors in their hideout, she finds herself frozen and horrified at what she had done and drops her sword from shaking hands. She truly does not want to harm others, no matter how firm her resolve is to help those that depend on her as their 'hope' for the second rise of the Capulet family and the revenge they seek against Montague.

On that same note, despite her stubborness at times, she does hold a sense of duty within her. Upon learning that she's the last remaining Capulet House survivor, she eventually comes to terms with what is expected of her and takes the weight of her father's sword to lead those who are depending on her for a new future - and for revenge for her entire slaughtered family - by taking down Prince Montague once and for all. She understands what is expected of her, though her heart does waver at the thought of if what she's fighting for is really the right thing to strive for. It's clear that she doesn't like the idea of extracting revenge, no matter how much the others claim it's necessary.

Further on the inside, she definitely does have her insecurities about herself, the goal of those loyal to her House, and of her love for Romeo. Those doubts pain her, leaving her torn between wondering what's really right and just, if she's really strong enough to lead the people depending on her, and whether her love with Romeo is betraying her deceased parents and everyone else that she cares for, due to him being the son of Prince Montague. And with no one to admit and talk of such things to, she keeps it all bottled up inside of her and carries that burden on her own.

Juliet is courageous, to the point of being headstrong and too foolhardy at times, which makes her prone to jumping right into situations that should really have been further thought out and planned, first. Her tendency to take the bull by the horns often stresses out her caretaker Conrad and best friend and sister-figure Cordelia, as well as others who try to protect her from being discovered for who she really is. Still, that doesn't stop her and she often sneaks out whenever she can to don the costume and the persona of the Red Whirlwind and aid the city folk of Neo Verona whenever she can.

However, that's not all that makes up Juliet's personality. Upon being mistakenly taken to the Rose Ball and meeting unexpectedly Romeo there, the young Capulet daughter reveals a much softer and feminine side to her that proves a stark contrast from the brash and boyish personality she had shown before. Juliet reveals an appreciation for wearing pretty dresses and dressing up in general, being in the lavish castle filled with nobles, and an affinity for flowers (most notably irises). She also showcases a certain awkwardness and bashfulness to her that comes up frequently when she's around Romeo or being interrogated about her love life by Willy.

Juliet is ab undoubtably kind-hearted individual and cares very, very deeply for those close to her. She wouldn't hesitate for even a moment to protect any of them with her own life, if need be. She appreciates their support and feels intense guilt and remorse when she puts any of them in danger by her own actions.

It can also be said that Juliet can sometimes be selfish and ignorant. Even when she becomes aware of the magnitude of her situation, she still takes numerous risks in order to see and spend time with Romeo, being completely swept up in the throes of love and infatuation to the point that she turns a blind eye to the trouble she causes for her caretakers and friends by randomly disappearing. And at one point, she and Romeo elope from the city completely and take off on their own to spend time together without having to worry about their names and who they are - which ultimately leads to them being tracked down by Montague's royal guard and Juliet being captured.

Her love for Romeo also softens her will to fight for the lost right of the Capulets, and instead motivates to find a more peaceful solution that would not require excessive bloodshed. From that point on, she urges the Carabinieri and Montague's supporters to step down and surrender instead of fight, as she has no intentions to harm them if they don't strike. As she puts it in her words to Tybalt, "I feel no hatred, because I love him." But she still acts as a confident leader of the people, inciting them to band with her and her comrades in order to give Neo Verona back to the citizens, instead of either the Montague or Capulet families.

Ultimately, Juliet grimly accepts her fate in the end: In order to save Neo Verona from destruction, she must sacrifice herself to save everyone. Yet, not without a wavering. She admits to Romeo that the reason she hadn't told him of the fate she learned of was because she did not think she would be able to go through with it if she had.

Juliet's ability to love deeply, above all, is her biggest strength - and also her biggest weakness.

» Appearance: Juliet actually has a range of appearances that changes depending on which 'persona' she uses. At the point she's being taken from however, she has embraced her feminine appearance and a liking of skirts and dresses - the most common of which she wears being a casual peach and cream blouse bound at the waist witha simple cord and ruffling down out over a long, flowing and lighter-colored skirt. She has long reddish-auburn hair with bangs that hangs slightly curled in long locks that reach all the way down past her waist, hazel-brown eyes, and stands roughly around a normal height for a young woman of her age - perhaps even a little on the tall side as she's not much shorter than Romeo, himself.

As for how she would have changed in coming to Atia, Juliet would be perhaps a little bit taller than before (but not much), and filled out a little more in the chest area (somewhere between a B-cup and a C-cup - nothing outrageous). Her face would be a bit more angular, as well and her figure in general will have matured slightly in the two years of physical growth.

» Suitability: Although the way Atia works is bound to be shocking and confusing at first, Juliet will be resolved to see things through. She's no stranger to fighting against the odds and doing what it takes to survive. She lived most of her life dressing and taking on the role of a young boy, and though she wasn't at all pleased with being left in the dark as to why she needed to do it, she followed the orders to do so for the sake of not causing problems for her close friends and those she considered alike to family. She has an incredible will-power to stand tall even in the face of forces that seem endless. Plus, being alive again in itself will be a blessing to her and one she is bound not to take for granted.

» "amatomnes" Entry: [ Voice ]

[ The feed comes on with static--swiftly followed by a girlish yelp and a loud clanking noise. ]

O-Oh my, that surprised me. I hope I didn't break it. ...But how does this...?

[ There's light shuffling and shaking of the device before the woman's voice speaks again--the loud volume suggesting that she has the device very close to her face. ]

Excuse me! Can anyone hear me? I was instructed by a maidservant to use this... machine! I am not sure how to work it properly, but... I---do not know how I ended up in this place. I shouldn't even be--ah, I mean--this is quite puzzling. If you have information, I would be most grateful!

[ A long pause follows, and then her voice comes through again, with a much softer tone. ]

I don't suppose anyone has seen a young man who calls himself Romeo? It is... of the utmost importance that I find him.

[ The vow. She would not forget it again. Whether this was life or death - they promised to be together for eternity. ]

» "amatomneslogs" Entry:

Juliet's first thought, even admist the rolling waves of unconciousness, was that it did not feel as she had expected it to.

Death... was she not bound by the fate of living in etenal pain and suffering in order to sustain life in the world of Neo Verona? That was how she understood it - the great tree Escalus, of which she harbored the seed, and the words of Ophelia...

Yet, she felt a strange warmth and calm and not even a hint of passing discomfort. This was not foretold.

Was it... because of Romeo? Had his infallible determination to save her from her fate and ultimately sacrificing his life unwound the binding thorns of destiny?

She felt her lips curve into a small smile for a brief moment, before it faded as quickly as it had come. Where was he now? What of their vow? Even if death felt far less painful and more blissful than she would have thought, she would rather brave the endless pain than be separated from him.

In life and in death...

There was light. She could feel it trying to coax her eyelids to open...

We shall be together for all eternity.

Slowly, long lashes fluttered and lifted, light brown eyes soaking in the brightness and colors that exploded before them. How sure she was that only darkness would be seen in that eternal sleep - and yet everything she was told was proving to be mistaken. False. Why would such...

A bed? Sheets? Fluttering curtains...?

For just a bare moment, she had a flash of the convent that Romeo's mother had brought her to when she found her collapsed in the street. But this was much too lavish to be the furnishings of such a simple lifestyle. Slowly sitting up, she looked about the room with blinking and awed eyes. These surroundings were most unfamilair. She thought herself certain to have woken up in a noble's finest room, from the looks of it. And yet, something was very different. Something was...

It was then that sheets shifted and she looked down, a blush immediately lighting her cheeks as she realized that she was naked. Her fingers reflexively gripped into the covering, pulling it up to hide her indecency. Indeed, there was no need for clothes in death, but--just now, she had felt her breath catch. Her heart beat---!

Stunned, the young woman raised on shaking hand to rest over her breast, feeling the steady pound of her heart beneath its cover.

Alive--! She was alive--! How was it even possible?

Perhaps... Romeo, too...?

That thought lit her spirits aflame with a sudden burst of energy. If she lived, then certainly, he, as well--!

And Conrad, Cordelia, Curio, Francisco, Antonio, Willy... all of her friends and those dearest to her heart... She could not wait to see them! This miracle--they must have been waiting for her to awaken!

Her heart thumped excitedly within her chest. She must not keep them waiting!

Grinning brightly, her eyes fell on the edge of the bed where clothes were neatly folded - familiar clothes that caused her smile to soften at the sight of them. Surely, Cordelia had set them out for her.

For reason she knew not, she had been giving a second chance - a new life. And now... Neo Verona was free from tyranny and a new future was blooming like the unfolding petals of an iris to greet the morning sun.

The goddess had certainly bestowed her blessing.