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Juliet - Half-face Blush/Surprise

*~ Fourth Iris Petal ~*

S-Sir Cain...

I cannot stop thinking about you. Every time I even glance at you my heart beats so fast, so full of emotion - this uncontrollable sensation, this feeling...I've felt it once before.

I think...No, I am certain I'm in love with you. I want to be with you always. Even if you don't return my feelings, I... I can't deny mine for you.

[ ooc: Affected. In lurve with Cain Hargreaves and following him all around the Opera Abandoned, blushing and making nervous attempts to talk to him. XD; ]


This is quite sudden, Lady Juliet; I had no idea.
I'm quite flattered.

[ooc: He's pretty sure she's cursed, but he's used to female admirers ;_;]
Y-Yes, it quite out of the blue...but I...I am glad you're not offended.

You are...flattered, Sir Cain? But you do not accept my feelings, do you...

[ ooc: Ahaha XD He's lucky to be one of the few not affected today. The whole City will erupt with horror and embarrassment at midnight/tomorrow. ]
That is how City curses these things can happen. No, I'm not offended--merely surprised.

Though we've only spoken once before--and you were still in disguise then.

[ooc: Yeah, but player!Cain is go for launch now.]
Ah, that is true. Such things can happen when one leasts expects it. ...That eases me, Sir Cain.

Oh--Yes, I was--I mean...I had reasons for wearing that mask, but I really do enjoy dressing as a girl. I am glad I do not have to hide my true self here.

[ ooc: XDDD Oh man, that is awesome. ]
Please, just call me Cain.

I'm certain you did. We all have secrets and reasons for them. But I am glad to see you again--we were all worried when you vanished--and as yourself this time.
A-Alright. If you insist, Cain. It is as you wish.

...Y-You are glad to see me? And you were worried? I am honored, Cain. And I apologize for worrying you so! I hadn't intended to be sent back to my own world so suddenly.
No, don't apologise, Lady Juliet--there's no need. No one can ever really anticipate the whims of the City. It can bring enemies together and tear lovers apart. It's almost like a fickle lover itself, its moods are so fragile and changable. But I am glad to see you again--you seemed at home in the Opera House, despite being a newcomer alone in the City.
...You weave words most beautifully, Cain. There's almost a poetic feel to it. And it almost seems this City does have such motives.

I am honored to see you again as well, Cain. And the Opera House...it is much like a theater I was staying in back in my own world. I suppose I found immediate comfort here because of that. And because you're here... that makes it even better.
I have been told that before am flattered once again, Lady Juliet. You're too kind.

I'm glad it could be a familiar place for you. And I'm glad I could be a little comfort to you as well, though we scarcely know one another.

I had no idea I had a secret admirer today. It's a very pleasant diversion.
Girl-friend approved?
Merry, one ought not to interrupt a conversation that way. It's very rude.

[ooc: LOL! Do not interrupt player!Cain's games, Merry!]
Oh, not at all, Cain. But it makes me very happy, nonetheless.

Perhaps we may...have the opportunity to get to know each other a little more? Ah, that was rather bold.

As long as it does not displease you. I would feel terrible if I made you at all uncomfortable.
Yes, I'd like that very much. Believe me, I am a very difficult man to upset. Perhaps we should take a walk in the gardens of Xanadu in the evening light, just when the fireflies come out to dance.

But if we are to know each other a little more, you must only tell me things about yourself very slowly...so that we must walk together a long ways and your story takes a very long time.

[ooc: He is so corny and I am so sorry ^^;]