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Juliet - Half-face Blush/Surprise

*~ Fourth Iris Petal ~*

S-Sir Cain...

I cannot stop thinking about you. Every time I even glance at you my heart beats so fast, so full of emotion - this uncontrollable sensation, this feeling...I've felt it once before.

I think...No, I am certain I'm in love with you. I want to be with you always. Even if you don't return my feelings, I... I can't deny mine for you.

[ ooc: Affected. In lurve with Cain Hargreaves and following him all around the Opera Abandoned, blushing and making nervous attempts to talk to him. XD; ]


Then mind your discourse ♥

Lord Cain's made no small repute of the liberal nature of his affections.

And the horde of women biding them makes for nice decorum.
He is most certainly more deserving than yourself.

...And who might you be, to inform me of such?
Someone who wants his horde of women?
So you have no name?
Apologies - Crehador. Medium, if ever should the lovely Lady have a need of such unworthy services.
A pleasure, Sir Crehador. I am called Juliet.

Medium? Services? I am afraid I do not follow again.
...Mister Crehador. Not part of your highborn society, I fear.

Medium - a person that places him or herself as a mediator between the several planes of existence and their associated forces. Traditionally, Necromancers - they that can freely converse with the dead.
Alright, Mister Crehador, then.

...Ah, so you deal in a form witchcraft? Intriguing.