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Juliet - Half-face Blush/Surprise

*~ Fourth Iris Petal ~*

S-Sir Cain...

I cannot stop thinking about you. Every time I even glance at you my heart beats so fast, so full of emotion - this uncontrollable sensation, this feeling...I've felt it once before.

I think...No, I am certain I'm in love with you. I want to be with you always. Even if you don't return my feelings, I... I can't deny mine for you.

[ ooc: Affected. In lurve with Cain Hargreaves and following him all around the Opera Abandoned, blushing and making nervous attempts to talk to him. XD; ]


So you have no name?
Apologies - Crehador. Medium, if ever should the lovely Lady have a need of such unworthy services.
A pleasure, Sir Crehador. I am called Juliet.

Medium? Services? I am afraid I do not follow again.
...Mister Crehador. Not part of your highborn society, I fear.

Medium - a person that places him or herself as a mediator between the several planes of existence and their associated forces. Traditionally, Necromancers - they that can freely converse with the dead.
Alright, Mister Crehador, then.

...Ah, so you deal in a form witchcraft? Intriguing.