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Juliet - Half-face Blush/Surprise

*~ Fourth Iris Petal ~*

S-Sir Cain...

I cannot stop thinking about you. Every time I even glance at you my heart beats so fast, so full of emotion - this uncontrollable sensation, this feeling...I've felt it once before.

I think...No, I am certain I'm in love with you. I want to be with you always. Even if you don't return my feelings, I... I can't deny mine for you.

[ ooc: Affected. In lurve with Cain Hargreaves and following him all around the Opera Abandoned, blushing and making nervous attempts to talk to him. XD; ]


And, perhaps, if the colors of twilight are just the right shades of blue and rose, and if the air is just warm enough, we could pause among the flowers and you'll let me be bold enough to whisper into your pale, slender ear, 'Juliet, sweet songbird, wrap me in your beautiful wings and jewel-like eyes.'

It's been far too long since the last time...
Wrap me in your wings...like...like before?!

Was THIS the man that...no, no, she said she's been her for days, she couldn't...

Unless...unless she was lying to me.

...I...ah...e-excuse me, sir...I...

J-Juliet? I thought...
So help me, if there is one more interruption...

Yes, sir?
Oh, are you likewise honoured with the acquaintance of the Lady Juliet?
Ah...y-yes, I...I suppose you could say that.
Ah, really? She seemed so alone when she first arrived. I'm glad we could offer her the shelter of the Opera House--she seemed to take to it right away.

But, if you'll excuse us now, we were about to leave for a walk around the gardens in Xanadu. We should leave before it gets much darker though we shan't be back until well after dark~
Did she...?

No! Sir, please...I...I must speak with her. Please. I...I just need to...clear up a misunderstanding. Th-then you...if she wishes to go with you, you can take her anywhere you please. ...But I do request that you be a gentleman with her, wherever you may go.
Of course. I can be patient I think. I hope your misunderstanding is quickly resolved, mister...?

I am always a gentleman.
Ah...Romeo. You can call me Romeo. And you are...?

I should hope so.
Romeo? A pleasure to meet you, Romeo. And she's Juliet. Hmm.

Lord Cain Hargreaves.
Well then, Lord Hargreaves...thank you for your patience. This...this should only be a moment.
...Excuse me, Lord Hargreaves, but...may I ask you to delay your meeting with Juliet until tomorrow? I do not believe she is feeling well enough today to go out.
Are you certain? She seemed quite well to me. If she isn't well, a walk might do her some good--better than being trapped in this dusty theatre.

But perhaps she could tell me herself?
...Sir. You are a nobleman, and you claim to be a gentleman. Surely you would agree to waiting a day to ensure that Juliet is not affected by this...curse?
Damn. And here I'd been hoping you didn't yet know about those. Ah, do you think she is so affected? I certainly hope not. I don't yet know her well enough to judge, but I'll trust you, sir, since you also know her.

Of course. I'll be glad to wait a day, or two, or even rescind my suggestion of a walk entirely if only to cut my losses--I'd rather not make enemies, thank you. But still, if, when the Lady Juliet is feeling more like herself, she still wishes to take a turn about the park, I shall be more than happy to walk with her.
She has...no memory of things that I know happened. And she does not quite seem to be herself, so...yes. I do believe she's been affected.

If she still wishes to go with you even after midnight tonight, then I will be happy to allow her to, and I wish you both a pleasant time.