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Juliet - Turn // Manga image

*~ Fifth Iris Petal ~* [ Voice Post ]

I admit you're a very adorable creature but--

I am your soul, Juliet.

...Yes, you said that already, but--

Is it really so hard for you to understand?

I'm certain I've never seen you before. And I was not aware that animals could talk. ...Though it almost feels like I've known you all my life. Isn't that strange?


...I beg your pardon?

My name, child.

Oh--! I apologize--If I'd know you had a name, I would have asked it--

It matters not, Juliet. Now isn't there someone you wanted to find?

You're awfully rude for my soul. ...Yes, I was a little worried about Romeo. And Curio, too. ...I wonder if Cielo can talk because of this animal curse?

I'm not a...curse. Your soul, Juliet. Your soul! Pay attention--

[ shuffling noises, followed by the opening of a door ]

Hey! Don't leave without me! How rude...

[ End voice post ]

[ ooc: Affected. Juliet's daemon is a raccoon. :3 Which is actually very fitting if you know about the Red Whirldwind. XD ]


A-Alright... As long as it won't cause you or her any harm.

No worries. She's right, you know. Romeo here is the only one who I'd allow contact with. You two will be just fine and so will we. Now go ahead. You're dawdling.

Ah--Okay... [ Juliet tentatively reaches a hand out to Romeo's daemon, her face healthy red color, and rests it lightly on the crown of the deer daemon's head ]
[steps over to Veritas] Erm...e-excuse me...[reaches out and touches Juliet's daemon, gently and lightly petting him on his side]

...It feels...odd, having you touch her. But nice. Warm. It feels very caring and warm.
[ the flush to her face doesn't diminish as she gently strokes the deer, her eyes closing ]

Y-Yes, it's a bit strange but....really nice. Comforting and...safe. Hard to explain in proper words, but I like it.
So do I...It sort of feels like...[if his blush could get any deeper, it just has]...when we kissed.
[ blinks, as she ponders what he said ] You're right...it's very similar to that. It's more...um... [ averts her eyes slightly, still blushing a deep red color ] ...more intimate than I thought it would be. N-Not that I mind...if it's you.
Oh...yes. I'm sorry. I should've thought of that...Although I don't mind either, since it's...you.

You should tell her, one of these days.

...She probably knows.

She'd probably like to hear it out loud sometime.