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Juliet - Turn // Manga image

*~ Fifth Iris Petal ~* [ Voice Post ]

I admit you're a very adorable creature but--

I am your soul, Juliet.

...Yes, you said that already, but--

Is it really so hard for you to understand?

I'm certain I've never seen you before. And I was not aware that animals could talk. ...Though it almost feels like I've known you all my life. Isn't that strange?


...I beg your pardon?

My name, child.

Oh--! I apologize--If I'd know you had a name, I would have asked it--

It matters not, Juliet. Now isn't there someone you wanted to find?

You're awfully rude for my soul. ...Yes, I was a little worried about Romeo. And Curio, too. ...I wonder if Cielo can talk because of this animal curse?

I'm not a...curse. Your soul, Juliet. Your soul! Pay attention--

[ shuffling noises, followed by the opening of a door ]

Hey! Don't leave without me! How rude...

[ End voice post ]

[ ooc: Affected. Juliet's daemon is a raccoon. :3 Which is actually very fitting if you know about the Red Whirldwind. XD ]


Oh...yes. I'm sorry. I should've thought of that...Although I don't mind either, since it's...you.

You should tell her, one of these days.

...She probably knows.

She'd probably like to hear it out loud sometime.