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Juliet - Turn // Manga image

*~ First Iris Petal ~*

...I think I might be lost. I've been wandering around for quite awhile now. And I'm kind of tired.

Ahhh, that old goat is going to try to give me another lecture when I get back. With any luck, maybe Antonio can divert him. ...Not that Cordelia won't lecture me, too. ...Jeez! This time it wasn't even my fault!

I don't suppose anyone could give me directions to get back to Neo Verona's town square? I can find my way from there. And I would be very grateful for any assistance that can be offered.

Hmm. This...contraption sure is weird. What is it called, anyway? We didn't have anything like this. Maybe it's only meant for the Nobles to use?

[ ooc: Strikes hackable~ Juliet has arrived in the City! Under the male guise if "Odin", of course. :P ]


You're in another world, and this thing we're using is called a computer
Whoa, wait! What? Another world?
Check the guide that Autor gave you...

The experimental theologians in your world, they ever told you about how if you flip a coin, there's one world where it lands heads up and another where it lands on the other side? Its like that, only more complicated.
...I've never heard anything like that. Not even from Willy. And half the stuff he says doesn't make sense, anyway.

I suppose I'll have to search through that guide.

You're extremely lost, to be honest. This is the City. The name is unoriginal, I know. It's not exactly pleasant, but hopefully you'll have a decent stay. Here's a guide that should help you understand your situation a little better.

I'm Autor. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?
...That's...not exactly comforting.

I can't stay. I have - ah - thing to attend to back at home. ...But I guess it wouldn't hurt to look through the guide. Maybe it can point me to the nearest route out of here. They must be worried about me.

Thank you, Sir Autor. ...I guess he must be a noble if he's dressed like that. Commoners don't get to wear those.

Oh--My name is Odin. It's a pleasure.

[ ooc: Strikes deleted. ]
It's not exactly a comforting situation, to be honest.

...There's no way out. Well, that's not exactly true--there is a way out, but you don't find it. You stumble upon it when you least expect it. ...I tried to look for an exit...I couldn't find one. You might as well find a place to stay and get settled.

Ah...you're welcome. He's the first one to call me 'sir', I think, although Lady Lailis calls me a 'lord'...hehehe, I like it.

The feeling is mutual, Odin.

((OOC: Strikes are gone. Doesn't get to wear...glasses?))
...No way out of here. No government. A sort of monarchy that doesn't care about its people...this is almost like Neo Verona under Duke Montague's rule.

I can't just settle down here! It's not--I have to get back as soon as possible! ...There has to be an exit around here somewhere!

[ ooc: Strikes obliterated~ She means the brooch and the ascots, generally tidy-looking clothing. ]
Neo Verona?

...This is another world.
So I've heard... This is getting stranger and stranger by the minute.
Ah, yeah. I guess you've already had everything explained to you then too...
Neo Verona? You may be using a computer.

I see that you have been given one of the two standard informative posts. If you have any other questions after having read it, I could try to answer them.
Yeah, that's where I came from. ...Computer? Odd device, but handy. Nothing at all like quill and parchment.

Indeed, I was referred to one - and there are actually two? Ah, and that would be appreciated. You have my gratitude, Sir...?

Oh, I'm Odin, by the way.
In my world, there is a city called Verona. "Neo Verona", translating to "New Verona", would suggest that your world might be a distant future of mine--or a world like mine, a world in which Verona is a city. Odd that you would then not be familiar with a computer.

The one to which you were referred is the more recent, more up to date. No need for gratitude; my name is Ishida Uryuu.

I would call it a pleasure, only I am sure that we both would rather be elsewhere, Odin.
Ah, so Verona is the name of another city? ...The future? Hmm. I never thought about it like that before, but a lot of things here seem to be more complicated that the tools we use. ...I've never seen anything like one of these bizarre contraptions. We use ink and parchment where I come from.

Ah, I see. Well you have it, just the same, Sir Uryuu.

True as that may be, I consider it a pleasure nonetheless. I'm sure there are more unfortunate encounters that could happen in a place like this.